vrijdag 18 september 2015

My first session.... with Nuance!

 You may notice - I've enjoyed using Nuance! 
The colors are so vibrant. 
On this card I have tapped the Nuance on an acrylic block, misted it with water to be able to stamp with the Nuance. 


Some more samples with the same two colors:

 2 ATC's

and a card.. 

My first impressions of this product in comparison with other powdered color.. 
* The crystals are not that chunky. So you get the choice to have it get dissolved totally by water on your paper, or still get the result of the chrystals of color to show. 
* Also: the colors are SO vibrant!  Happy te be using this product. 
* Then to add one more impression - It is SO pigmented with color... you have too much of it way too soon. Just a few crystals gives a lot of color. 
* Just as with a few other coloured powders/crystals colors, the purplish and green color I have used here, has more than one color in the crystals, so if you don't overspray (which will mix and blend the colors in it) too much, you will see the colors of the crystals next to each other.

That's a lot of advantages for a first session with this new product from Magenta, don't you think??

I plan to do (lots) more projects SOON, making a bunch of projects again with the same colors; other colors than the ones I have used today of course.
I am sure I will be discovering a LOT of advantages still... HAPPY!

I am entering this in the challenge on
1. Paper Artsy -  pigment powders


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10 opmerkingen:

  1. You do get a lovely soft watercolour effect it seems - beautiful experimenting with the Nuance!
    Alison xx

  2. So beautiful Ellie!!!... Love these interesting new Nuance pigment powders and these shades absolutely gorgeous... In your hands, used with all these great Magenta stamps that gives a wonderful result!! Thank you for all the samples Ellie!! xx

  3. Prachtig Ellie en ook hoe er andere nuances ontstaan met slechts 2 kleuren!

  4. Wauw, prachtige stempels en prachtige kleuren ! Ziet er tof uit, die Nuance ! Groetjes, Enny

  5. Really lovely Ellie, I keep having another look x

  6. This combination of colours is beautiful Ellie, I love all the samples on this post and a bit curious about this new product from Magenta.

  7. This is so beautiful Ellie! I love the green and mauve together, so soft! And I love that stamp!

    Lucy x

  8. Het ziet er weer prachtig uit, Ellie.
    Ik ben eigenlijk heel benieuwd naar de vergelijking tussen de Nuances en de Color Burst van Ken Oliver.
    Maar die heb jij natuurlijk niet, hè?
    Heb je voor de vergelijking van de Nuances gekeken naar Bistre of naar Brusho?


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